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Every drop will now have a purpose 

For commercial spaces

Maximum savings guaranteed. 

EcoMist converts normal water flow to gentle mist, By doing that we can save around 95 % water compared to a conventional aerator. EcoMist only gives 0.5 LPM (Liters per minute) compared to normal 10 LPM (Liters per minute)  discharge.

Using EcoMist you 

  • Save as much as 95% water.

  • Better hand wash experience.

  • Get reduced water bills.

  • Do your part for the environment. 

Machined to perfection.

EcoMist is made of 100 % brass which is resistant to water. Quality materials have been used and the product is designed to last. Each piece is crafted using high precision machines to give a final product that looks compact and beautiful.

Soo Small it goes inside your tap.

EcoMist is soo compact, it goes inside your tap completely. It's tamper proof design makes it ideal for commercial places. No one would know what sorcery is happening.

You can install EcoMist in 15 seconds.

EcoMist is super simple to install, You can install EcoMist in less than 15 seconds.

All you have to do is to remove the old aerator and replace it with EcoMist.

Save both Water and Money.

You save 95% of water compared to conventional aerators..

You get back the money you've invested for EcoMist just by saving water. 

The price of water is for reference purposes.,Actual rates may vary.


Know your

BAR (Pressure).

Pressure is a critical factor for atomisation. QuaMist requires a minimum water pressure of 1.5 Bar to work effectively, This can be achieved if you have a booster pump installed or if gravity supports due to height of your overhead tank.

Your tap


QuaMist is ideal for standard sized taps(24mm outer diameter) 

with non-cache aerator,

It's compatible with both male and female threads.

Achieve your CSR goals with EcoMist.

EcoMist reduces your buildings carbon footprint. By using 95% less water from your taps you not only save lots of water but also save the energy used for that water.

Want to test EcoMist at your facility.

Want to try EcoMist at your facility?

Call us or E-mail us and we will get back to you.