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The pleasure of mist,

The power of the shower

Now up to

97% savings

Quamist can cut down the water consumption by more than 97% in the mist mode gives you a fine mist that can wash hands and clean vegetables. Shower mode can remove tough stains but still end up saving 80% water. You can convert your existing tap into a super water-saving device just by fitting in Quamist. 

Timeless Design.

Quamist is machined using high-quality EcoBrass. We’ve designed a revolutionary method to get the most exceptional mist output that’s adjusted to user preference. We use a high precision CNC machine to get a product that’s durable and beautiful. Its beautiful knurl design makes it easy to switch between modes. 

Quality of material? The best

We machine Quamist using ECO BRASS. The best quality brass in its segment. ECO BRASS is safe for consumption and is food-grade quality. 
We use tap for both washing plus cooking purposes. With our new Ecobrass body, it's perfectly harmless for drinking purposes. 

Quamist now comes with two modes

Mist mode
Shower mode

Quamist comes with two modes, Mist mode, and the shower mode. 
Mist mode saves more than 95% water while shower mode gives a combination of powerful jet streams that can remove the toughest dirt and stains, Still saving more than 80% water

The shower mode

Quamist now comes with shower mode. Gently twist the cap for the shower mode. Shower mode is the combination of powerful jetstreams that can remove the toughest stains and dirt from any surface. There are times where you need more water to do dishes or collecting water. With Quamsit shower mode, you do them with ease but still, end up saving 80% of the water. 

A fine mist, Period. 

Quamist gives fine mist that can do pretty much everything we do with a regular tap but saving more than 95% water. The fine mist that covers more area is ideal for washing vegetables and hands.

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