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Super simple, no plumber required
QuaMist fits in standard 22 mm taps with aerators. It requires sufficient pressure to atomize water into a mist that reduces over 95% of the flow.



Problem: I am not getting enough mist


The issue could be due to less water pressure.


You can get the desired output only if there is a minimum water pressure of 1.5 Bar. This can be achieved by using a pressure pump or if the gravity supports more pressure (the overhead tank must be at least 25 feet or 2 floors above the tap). There are a lot of factors that reduce the water pressure. Bends in the pipe also reduces the water pressure.


Possible solutions :

1.Try twisting the valve underneath the tap to increase the flow of the valve.

2. If there is a flow restrictor or anything that's blocking the flow of the water (e.g impurities ), please remove them and try installing the product again.

3. If you live in apartments you can try installing the product in ground floor and see if the output get better.

4. Another option is to get a booster pump for the taps alone.

Problem: There is no water output coming from the tap

Only possible reason could be that the O-ring (the black, rubbery, o-shaped ring that prevents the tap from leaking) slipped near the output hole region. You can try pushing back the O-ring gently using pin or something pointy. Please take care while pushing the O-ring to it's original position. Try not to damage the O-rings while moving to it's original position.


Solution: Try pushing the O-ring to it's original position.

Problem: Quamist is leaking, even though it creates mist.


Check the O-ring- the black, rubbery, o-shaped ring that prevents the tap from leaking. If this got damaged or worn out during installation, it would cause the Quamist to leak. Otherwise place the cap gently over the nozzle and keep twisting till the O-ring goes inside the cap. Keep twisting until the cap is tight. Only twist the nozzle until the direct jet mode and don't twist is further. Clockwise twisting gives you mist mode and anti-clockwise twisting gives you a direct jet mode.




1. Try re-installing the nozzle without damaging the O-ring


2. If the O-ring appears worn out, we can solve this with a simple Teflon tape fix: try wrapping the thread and the O-ring region with a Teflon tape and then re-install Quamist.

Problem: Quamist doesn't fit in my tap or I don't have enough pressure


We will absolutely take it back. We process full refund if you ship it back to us 30 days from date of shipment.


Please ship the Quamist to:

Earth Fokus

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Ensure that your original order number is written on the shipment so we can pull up your order.

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